Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I promise, I have been working on it!

I haven't posted anything because the most recent exercise I did (from Understanding Exposure) was about using the depth of field preview button. Sice it is about hte preview and not the picture, it didn't really result in anything postable. But I have been taking pictures and practicing! Here are some of my recent pictures:

f/4 1/4000sec. ISO100 50 mm

f/4 1/500sec. ISO 100 50 mm (cropped)
f/4 1/4000sec. ISO100 50 mm
f/5.3 ISO100 1/800sec 165mm
f 5.6 200mm 1/60 ISO100
This week's goal (due by Saturday) is a Christmas tree light exercise from Understanding Exposure. Maybe doing this exercise will spur me to get the lights off the bushes in the front yard. The snow & ice that was keeping them stuck there has been gone for a few weeks now....






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