Friday, March 20, 2009


And a day early, even!

So this was a hard exercise, probably because the assignment was to use a lens with macro capabilities and I don't own one. I did use my zoom and it worked OK. I really liked the big, blurry one:

f/4.8 ISO 100 102 mm .3 seconds

But never was able to see the pentagon or octagon shapes he described at f/11:
f/11, ISO 100 1.6 seconds 102 mm

And couldn't even get twinklies at f/22!
f/22 ISO 100 102mm 8 seconds

The Christmas lights WILL be put away tomorrow since I took them off the trees and left them heaped on the porch. We will be getting some snow over the weekend AGAIN! so we had better get to it.
Picture of the week:

A gorgeous sunrise I spotted while driving the kids to school. Had to grab my camera and run outside the minute I got home to capture this from my front yard! It you look closely, you can see the Snowbird Tram in the picture on top of one of the peaks.
Next week's goal: Experiment with my Nikon SB-600 flash I bought this week! It came yesterday but I have not used it yet. I'll have pictures by next Saturday.






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