Friday, March 6, 2009


So, I haven't yet done this week's goal (tough week) but I did take some interesting pictures tonight. We went to a women's gymnastics tournament between the University of Utah and Arizona State University. Our seats were rather nosebleedish:

See where the portals are? We were between the portals a few rows from the walkway. I brought my biggest zoom. (Nikkor 50-200mm VR 1:4-5.6)

Arizona is in maroon and gold. Utah is in black and white. Unless it says otherwise, all pictures are at f/5.6 200 mm and ISO 800:
The gymnast introduction. 1/25 f/4.2 60 mm

Yes, she really was flipping upside down! SS 1/50 sec

At the end of a long set of flips. SS 1/100

Loved this one. Burst setting is my friend. Would be better cropped, I know. But I'm lazy so all of these are straight out of the camera. f/5.3 1/100 sec 100mm

Vault was SO hard! This is the only one that is remotely good, and I probably took 50 of the vault alone. At least my focus was OK here. All the others were out of focus, blurry, or only showed the gymnast's butt. 1/100 sec

I like how this one shows the rotation as she flips. 1/50 sec.

Pushing off for a twisting leap. 1/100 sec.

Floor was the best to shoot. It was closest to where we were sitting, but also because it is slower and more predictable. 1/50 sec

Another leap shot. 1/50 sec

Beam would have been better to shoot if the background wasn't so distracting. 1/100 sec

But you know what was as interesting to me as the gymnasts? This guy:

I was jealous of his gear AND his access!






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