Sunday, February 1, 2009

Experiment 2 with white balance

ARGH! This one was so frustrating, I didn't get it to work. I was experimenting with setting a custom white balance by taking a picture of a piece of white paper and telling the camera that this was how to set it. But as you can see here, I don't think it made any difference at all!
I started out using auto white balance and this is what I got:

Here I used a photo of a white piece of paper taken with no flash to set the white balance. I was thinking that if I used the same conditions to set the wb, it would work out even better. But no, his shirt has a very yellowish cast!

Here I used a photo of a white piece of paper where I used the flash. No flash used in this picture. But at least his white shirt looks whiter!

These were taken at night in incandescent lighting. So this morning I tried again just before the sun came up. All natural light, she is sitting about 4 feet from a south facing sliding glass door. Her jammies are a light blue, not white.
This is with auto white balance:

This is with my camera's "shade" preset:

And this is my attempt at a custom:

Am I doing it wrong? I'm just taking a picture of a plain white sheet of printer paper that fills the whole frame. Then I tell the camera to use that picture to set its own white balance. I was hoping it would work better than auto & presets, but I think it is worse! Any help would be appreciated!






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