Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Experiment 1 for White Balance

So White Balance changes the tones of your picture to get the most true color. My camera has several preset white balances, which is what I played with this morning. I picked a nice tree across the street that looked nice covered in snow and contrasting with the clear blue sky. I took one picture with each of the White Balance Presets. Each one was taken on manual with a SS of 1/200, f/11, and an ISO of 100.
This one is meant for shade. I actually tried the shade setting in the shade later, but my exposure was off and it still looked weird. Definitely one to try again another time.

This one is meant for incandescent lighting, which is the most commonly used indoor lighting. Looks very blue, doesn't it! Not at all close to reality but kind of pretty!

This one is meant for flourescent lighting. Obviously it looks off here because there is no flourescent lighting in the sky over Utah. I plan to take my camera to work tonight and try this setting under the flourescent lights there. I hope and pray it will be a useful setting for when I get to take pictures at births!

This one is intended for use with the flash. Naturally, I did not use the flash on such a bright day. Plus the tree was too far away for it to have an effect.

This one is for when it is overcast. The camera people are so intuitive, they named it "Cloudy":

And the one that looks most like what I actually saw, the Direct Sunlight setting:

Makes sense, doesn't it?

My next plan is to try using these settings in the right time and place and see if they improve my pictures. I'll try the flourescent setting at work tonight and practice more with the shade setting as well.

And last but not least, some pictures I took this morning that I just liked and wanted to share:






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