Friday, January 16, 2009

The people

This was hard! Especially since my kids were SO unwilling to cooperate. "Aw, mom! Pictures AGAIN!"
But here are a few I got:

I was only able to get one of these. Settings: SS 1/50 f/2.8 ISO 640 If the children had been more cooperative, I would have tried again with a wider depth of field to get Callie in focus better. But since there was pushing and shoving it didn't happen. (Maybe I should have gotten shots of THAT!)
I only managed a precious few of Kyra, and those were all taken on the sly. Here she is brushing her hair, looking up after I called her name:

Settings SS 1/80 f/2.2 ISO 640
Took Callie & Brynn out on the deck one (relatively) warm afternoon and shot a few:

DRAT! That darn reflection on the glasses strikes again. Settings: SS 1/2000 f/1.8 ISO 100
Callie was giggling the whole time and it was hard to get focus because she was moving so much!
Here are a few of Brynn:

Settings: 1/4000 f/1.8 ISO 100
Yes, I realize the sun is blotchy on her neck, but I kept shooting anyway. Just pretend for me, OK? Brynn has a tendency to "overpose" for pictures, and she's afraid a flash will go off in her face so she squints her eyes. In an effort to get some more natural pictures, I asked her to make faces. She loved that!

Settings: 1/2500 f/1.8 ISO 100 Probably would have helped to boost the ISO here.
And a funny one, a close up of her mouth. Nearly a thousand dollars of detal work in there, so I hope you appreciate it, LOL.

Jodie, I may just take you up on your offer. Maggie and Jack would be fun to take pictures of, they both have such amazing eyes!






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